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Singaling is a fun based music company for children from 6 months old. We provide parent and toddler music classes, early years programmes for creches and montessoris, pre instrumental classes and after school programmes for 5-8 year olds, and both group and individual tuition for children up to 18+ in guitar, ukelele, keyboard and singing. We also run workshops in primary schools and libraries and Music Camps during Easter and Summer School Holidays.

My love for music and performing started at a very early age. I was introduced to the piano in my grandmothers, and that opened up a whole world of adventure and escape. I was writing songs and melodies before I knew what that meant. And so that was the start of my musical career.

As a singer/songwriter and  guitarist I have performed, recorded and toured across Ireland, England and the US. As a professional musician, I have collaborated with some of Irelands top composers including Mick Hanly, Trevor Knight and Bill Whelan. I have also been a juror for Eurosong on numerous occasions. I hold a level 4 diploma in Music Teaching, a degree in Communications from Trinity College Dublin and I am a member of IMRO and The Kodaly Society of Ireland.

With over 30 years experience in the performing arts, I developed my music school in Co. Meath. I teach private guitar lessons and a range of music classes for younger children. With an emphasis on voice, guitar, keyboard and percussion, I often use multiple instruments to introduce beginners to basic musical concepts. Along with formal tuition, I also offer songwriting and recording elements to students, and mentoring for young singers and performers.

With Singaling I wanted to make music learning accessible and fun. I set out to create a happy, fun environment where parents and carers could bring their babies and toddlers to learn and develop through the medium of music.  I then adapted the programme to suit older children in creches and at primary level. The demand for my approach led to teaching instruments to groups and individuals up to 12 years and older.   During these lessons, I use play and creativity to convey fundamental musical concepts, such as rhythm, melody and harmony. Ear training and intuition are at the core of my teaching style. I enjoy writing my own music, and encourage students to experiment with songwriting as a learning tool.

This is how Singaling began and I would love to welcome you to come and join in the fun with us. Classes are facilitated by musicians, based on early learning priniciples by distinguished educators in the field of music, Zoltan Kodaly, Dalcroze and Orff. We bring an enthusiastic, energetic and exciting approach to our classes to ensure our parents and caregivers have lots of fun during that precious one to one time with their babies.

We have developed quite a fanbase with our Singaling children and putting a smile on their faces makes this the most rewarding job in the world!

Indeed, it is testament to the quality of the children’s experience at Singaling that they have continued with us going through our pre instrumental programme for 5-8 year olds, and are now music students playing ukulele, guitar, keyboard or singing. Many of these students are now preparing for exams while all of them are continuing to enjoy and nurture their love of music!

As a musician and a teacher, it is not only immensely rewarding to see these children coming through their early musical experiences so positively, but there is a very marked difference in their readiness to learn an instrument based on the foundation they received through the early steps programme with Singaling. 

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