Singaling Music Learning Programme for Children

Singaling Music Learning Programme for Children />

Parent and Toddler Music 
Singaling run mixed aged classes:

RobinsTM   6 -12 months
BluebirdsTM   1- 2 years
SongbirdsTM   2-3 years 

Parents and carers are invited to take an active part in all the activities, enabling the children to get the most out of this shared fun learning experience.  

Each age group participates to their own abilities. 
Robins are our orchestra, Bluebirds are our conductors and Songbirds sing and perform our songs.

Each stage enables your child to explore and discover their own sense of pitch, rhythm and their own unique voice. Every child has the opportunity to express their own joy of music with individual talents and abilities fostered. 

As a result of this course: 
Your child will enjoy an introduction to the core music learning principles of pitch, rhythm and beat. For younger children early music learning becomes, not only great fun, but has also been proven to develop:

• Social skills • Imagination • Language skills
• Awareness of the world around them
• Confidence • Cameraderie

Each child graduates at the end of their
experience with a certificate from Singaling.