Here's some of the great things our students and customers say about us...

As a mum of four,  from my oldest to my youngest I can honestly say that our experience with Susan has simply been a magical musical journey.  As each one of my babies moved from Singaling , to music appreciation classes, to private instrument tuition, Susan has seen my children develop their musical skills and nurtured their love of the arts over the years.  She is dedicated and passionate in what she does, all children love her and all the parents get a few giggles out of her witty personality also!!! Along with the kids developing appreciation of music and friendships in the classes, I have kept in contact with many of the parents along this journey which is an added bonus!! Susan,  may you reign as the musical queen in Ashbourne and beyond for many years to come!! 

Natasha Winders

I brought my daughter to Singaling for over two years. It was the only toddler group we went to so consistently and that was because we both loved it! Susan is fantastic with the kids and provides a happy, fun and relaxed atmosphere for everybody. I couldn't recommend it enough!!

Karen, Drumree

We have been going to Singaling for over a year now & my 2 year old and 5 month old really enjoy the class. Susan is great with the children and makes the class fun and enjoyable for them. My little girl has definitely grown in confidence from partaking in the class each week. We also have the cd so we can keep singing at home and in the car!! 

Laura, Dublin

I have been bringing my 2 year old little one to Singaling since she was 7 months old. 

It has helped with her pre-verbal communication skills, her interaction and play with other children and for teaching her to share too. We communicated through the songs she learned at Mini music club before she could understand much of what I was saying. She always recognised the songs! 

And each song has a purpose-whether it's teaching rhythmic movement, interactive play or teaching relaxation. 

As she is getting older I play with her by changing the words and having fun with the songs! Singaling is always fun and enjoyable and Susan is fantastic with the kids with a great sense of humour.  It has also been a great place for her Dad to bring her too! Oh, and the cd has helped me through many a long journey.  Thank you Susan!!

How grateful we are to have Singaling near us!

Lisa McDonnell 

Mum & Psychotherapist